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Frequently asked questions F.A.Q.

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  1. What does “Lifetime warranty” mean?

 This is the guarantee we provide for our accessories. By "lifetime warranty" we mean that if the product is damaged during manufacture, or if the seam expands as a result of time, we will repair it for free. The warranty, of course, does not include products that are damaged due to improper maintenance, negligence, and abuse (traces of animals, washing machines, sharp cuts, etc.).



    2. Can I return the wares and get a refund?

In case you decide that you do not like the accessory and do not want to use it, you can return it and get your money back within 15 days. For this purpose, the following requirements must be met:


- You must return the goods in the condition you received them. During this period, it should not be used in any way (no traces of use).

- Be wrapped in the box and have a note about why you are returning the accessory (contact us before that on the email).

- The delivery is at your expense.

- Once we receive and review the goods, you will receive confirmation and a refund of your money, if the other requirements are met.



        3. Where are the “Ivan Ivanov” products made?

They are made in a small workshop in the town of Lovech (Lovech). Art is still alive here and we find it valuable to us and our muse. If anything, at least the young people will try to keep it that way.



   4. What exactly is the engraving?

 We engrave our logo with a seal, and sometimes with a laser. The “Ivan Ivanov” logo is present on each of our accessories. Additional content for your products may be engraved in the following cases:


- Your name, initials, or date can be engraved

- We work with Times New Roman and Book Antiqua fonts.



     5. How much time does take for the order to arrive?

For the territory of Bulgaria, with the courier, the time it takes is 1 working day.



     6. How to protect my leather accessory?

Keep in mind that anything made of leather (just like your own skin) needs maintenance. For example, sunlight has a very beneficial effect on our products. The leather we use is breathable and forms a patina. Although it has been treated, it still has open pores to absorb beneficial oils. Over time, the leather becomes unique, just like the one who uses it.

For maintenance, I recommend a conditioner. You can see one in the column: "Leather care".



       7. Does any accessory look like it is in the picture?

No. Of course not. Because each leather absorbs the paint differently. Another factor is that human labor sometimes creates small imperfections. Different phones and cameras shoot differently with different contrasts, but we try to make the appearance of the accessories as realistic as possible.

In case you find the answers listed above not helpful, please do not hesitate to contact us.